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Awake The World has been assigned by God to awake nations and generations to the Love of God. We've been commissioned to to commission the body fo Christ as Awakeners in their sphere of influence  We're standing in faith for 1 million individuals, families, businesses and ministries to accomplish our BOLD mission.


Meet Joshua & Lisa

Dr. Joshua Fowler is a revivalist and reformer. He’s a fifth generation preacher, with a rich heritage of ministry. He flows with prophetic precision and apostolic authority. He has been in ministry all of his life and been preaching the gospel for over 35 years. 


The Lord has sent Joshua as His apostle and prophet to 37 nations. Joshua Fowler is a highly sought after international conference speaker. Dr. Fowler has written 7 anointed books and numerous worship songs. Joshua Fowler travels throughout America and the nations igniting Awakening and Revival.  


Joshua has been blessed with 6 children and 3 grandchildren. Joshua and his lovely wife, Lisa live in a suburb of Dallas, Texas and together they oversee the vision of

Our Purpose: Awakening Generations & Nations

Our Vision: To establish a Youth Camp, Worship Center & Training Center to raise up generations to awake nations.

Our Mission: To minister awakening and revival to nations and  generations and raise up awakeners and revivalists to bring in the greatest harvest of all times.

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